Selection of 12 bottles of BYRA GAMMA Premium Craft Beer. Golden Ale variety, 100% Natural, Unpasteurized


BYRA is a beer with own personality, bold and different. A craft beer, 100% natural, which keeps its originality as opposed to the mass production industrial beers, thanks to a careful selection of malted barleys, yeast and hops. A beer with natural and healthy ingredients, with no additives, no antioxidants, no preservatives, no chemical stabilizers.

The different BYRA varieties conform a wide amalgam of color, sensations, aromas and nuances, which make them beers with body, flavor and character.

Discover the authentic BYRA experience through the GAMMA variety. A craft beer, 100% natural and unpasteurized. Refreshing and light, with citrus aroma and little floral notes which remind us of the German and Austrian beers, with a remarkable bitterness. A bold beer for bold people.