Premium Selection Set of Viña Albina Gran Reserve Vinotherapy from Bodegas Riojanas


Premium Vinotherapy Selection Set from Bodegas Riojanas, consisting of Viña ALBINA Gran Reserve Wine, 1 NATURE ALBINA body milk cream and 1 NATURE ALBINA facial cream.

In this Premium selection you will find the best Spanish red wine D.O. Rioja with 1 bottle of red wine Viña ALBINA Gran Reserve and the most innovative and avant-garde VINOTHERAPY cream treatment: 1 NATURE ALBINA body milk cream and 1 NATURE ALBINA facial cream.

Healthy effects of the vinotherapy

Time goes by for everybody, but not so the influence of some external factors that accelerate the production of free radicals, whose negative effects can be prevented with vinotherapy, which consists in using the wine, along with other grape derives, to obtain different cosmetic treatments out of raw materials from an origin completely vegetal.

Because it’s rich in polyphenols, procyanidols and anthocyanosides, these products can provide multiple benefits, even more powerful than vitamins C and E, since its anti-radical action is 50 times more potent than vitamin E and 20 times more than vitamin C. In short, they help the functioning of the body in general, providing well-being and relax.