Terms and conditions


General Conditions regulate the access and use of this website owned by KARPE DEAL, SL (hereinafter named "KARPE DEAL"), established in the Palacio de la Prensa, Plaza de Callao 4, 6th floor, 28013 Madrid, CIF B - 86305513.

KARPE DEAL is a B2B company which sells mainly electronic products, health and beauty products, household and sports goods, toys and gourmet products, among others (hereinafter called "Products"). This website is aimed exclusively at companies or professionals (hereinafter named "CUSTOMERS"), who may purchase Products through it, for resale to customers or final consumers. A user that has the status of a consumer cannot purchase products on the website in any case.

General Conditions contained in this document have a general character. Particular conditions of each order (complete description of the products, applied quantities, etc.) will be detailed in the Purchase Order.

To contact DEAL KARPE you can call on 0034 91116954 or send an e-mail to contact@karpedeal.com


Customers who wish to purchase Products through the website can register or not register on it. However, doing business with karpedeal.com implies the acceptance of the following conditions.

The customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the data and information given and the password of their customer account, and for restricting access to their computer and password to avoid unauthorized use of their account. The customer takes full responsibility for all activities from their customer account and for their password. The customer should take all measures possible to ensure that the password remains secret.

In case you suspect that your password has been made known to a third person or that it has been used in an unauthorized manner, or it is likely to, inform KARPE DEAL about the situation immediately by sending an email to the email address pedidos@karpedeal.com and proceed with changing your passwords from your Customer Account.


It is not allowed to use the website for fraudulent purposes or in connection with criminal or illegal activities of any kind.

It is also forbidden to send, use or reuse illegal, offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene or threatening contents of any kind, or material that is in violation of copyright, trademark or confidentiality, privacy or any other right, that is to say the material that is injurious or objectionable to third persons, or whose content includes software viruses, political campaigning, advertisements, chain letters, mass mailings or any other form of "spam" and, in general, any unnecessary inconvenience.


Descriptions of the products offered by KARPE DEAL through its website are based on the information provided by suppliers and may contain mistakes.

The data included in each sheet, in photographs, graphics or iconographic representations such as trade names, trademarks or logos of any kind are only for information purposes. Therefore, KARPE DEAL refuses any liability for the occurrence of mistakes in such information, although it is committed to take all measures within its power to remedy as soon as possible the mistakes or omissions after having been informed about them.

In the case when, for reasons that are beyond the company, there is no stock or the product is not available to be sold, after the purchase has been made, KARPE DEAL informs the customer by e-mail of the total cancellation or, where applicable, the cancellation of a part of the order. The partial cancellation of the order does not entitle to the cancellation of the entire order.


The CUSTOMER may make a purchase of Products in two ways: (i) through direct purchase, or (ii) by the system of Dropshipping. The form of purchase will be specified in the Purchase Order.

(i) Direct Purchase:

Customer will purchase the number of products that are stated in the Purchase Order, and KARPE DEAL will proceed with sending all the products to the customer premises or a warehouse. Delivery may be conditioned to keep deadlines of KARPE DEAL providers.

Through direct purchase, the customer will be responsible for making deliveries to own customers or final consumers and shipping goods the consumers wish to return, including expenses or costs of such deliveries or picking up Products.

(ii) Dropshipping:

The customer will buy the amoun of products that are stated in the Purchase Order, and KARPE DEAL will perform deliveries of products directly to consumers, once the purchase is made by the customer. In this way, the customer does not need to have a warehouse or invest in stock.

The Customer must inform KARPE DEAL about every new purchase within 24 hours after it is made, so that KARPE DEAL can proceed with making the corresponding shipment within 30 calendar days from the purchase of the Product to final consumer.

The CUSTOMER cannot sell to final consumers a greater amount of products that agreed in every Purchase Order. This case is Customer’s responsibility, KARPE DEAL is not responsible if the customer sells a bigger number of products than agreed on with KARPE DEAL.


6.1. Product return policy

KARPE DEAL takes responsibility for defects or flaws that Products might have, once they are received by the customer or by the final consumer.

n case when the customer or final consumer demonstrates the existence of defects in products, KARPE DEAL will make an appropriate credit or replacement of the goods, always when the existence of defects is proved. However, the client or consumer will be responsible for a decline in the products’ value resulting from handling them differently than necessary to establish the nature, characteristics or performance of the Products.

Also, KARPE DEAL agrees to comply with the regulations governing the rights of consumers and users and therefore admits product returns only by the final consumer, within 14 calendar days of receipt of the Product by the consumer and only for those products that have a right of withdrawal.

KARPE DEAL will not accept or be responsible for any product on its warranty period which is returned without its original box. The CUSTOMER will be responsible for all logistic costs by KARPE DEAL if there is organized a pick-up of a product that does not have its original packaging.

If a consumer manifests the existence of defects in a product, or exercises its right of withdrawal, the responsible for the costs of returning and logistics will be:

Customer, if they have made a direct purchase.

KARPE DEAL, if the purchase has been made through Dropshipping.

In no case, invoicing by KARPE DEAL an undelivered or defective Product authorizes the Customer to suspend payment of the other products that were successfully shipped.

Wine, drinks and other consumer products are considered perishable items. It is not permitted by EU/UK regulations to return an item if it’s perishable. These Products – Once supply conditions are broken, there are a number of factors outside of our control that can affect the quality of a product. Therefore perishable goods such as food and drink cannot be returned.

Second-hand or refurbished products: a second-hand product has a limited guarantee as the consumer in the situation of non-compliance can only claim a reparation of the product but not a replacement by another one with similar characteristics. In addition to second-hand goods, the seller is responsible for failures that become apparent within 1 year.

The guarantee of mattresses: The mattresses are not goods to be replaced; a replacement is not possible and therefore they can only proceed to be repaired. That is: once the packaging is opened, the mattress can only be repaired. This legislation permits the defense of consumers and users.

The right of withdrawal is 14 calendar days since the product is delivered.

The LDCU establishes that a repair and/or replacement of products under guarantee for lack of conformity will be free to the consumer and user. Such gratuity should include the necessary costs incurred to remedy the lack of conformity of products with the contract, especially shipping costs as well as costs related to labor and materials.

The returned product of Apple brand with icloud activated will not be accepted.

No product whose provider has a technical service will be accepted. To find out if your product has a technical service in your country, please, get in touch with our customer service.

All the returned products will be analysed in terms of fulfilling warranty terms. Refurbished products and betteries they include have a warranty of 6 months from the moment they were bought.

If a customer sends a product, they are responsible for all logistics costs and issues that can occur concerning the logistics of the product.

If KARPE DEAL organizes a logistic process, it is KARPE DEAL that is responsible for logistics costs and issues that can occur concerning the logistics of the product.

The process of returning the product may last up to 15 days after having received the product in the storage of KARPE DEAL.

The address of KARPE DEAL’s storage is: C/ de la Constitución 126, 28946 Fuenlabrada, Madrid, España.

KARPE DEAL will not accept any product that was returned without our Customer Service Department having been informed about it.


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6.2. Order Cancellation

The Customer may cancel orders within 24 working hours after confirmation of the purchase by KARPE DEAL.

To cancel an order, the customer must send an email to the address: pedidos@karpedeal.com, communicate his will to cancel the order and always indicate the reference of it. In case of cancellation, the customer shall bear all expenses and costs that such a cancellation could generate.


Prices of the products offered on KARPE DEAL’s website are expressed in Euro (€) and include applicable taxes, transportation costs, management and distribution of products, except for some exceptions provided for Direct Purchase or unless another thing is specified in the Purchase Order. The payment will be specified in the Purchase Order.

KARPE DEAL reserves the right to change prices at any time but products’ invoicing will be based on the current rates at the time the purchase is made.


KARPE DEAL disclaims any kind of responsibility that may arise from actions or omissions in orders, quality and content etc. that it is not attributable to KARPE DEAL.

KARPE DEAL does not grant any warranty and is not liable under any circumstances for damages of any nature arising from access to or use of the website. Among others, KARPE DEAL is not responsible for the following circumstances:

    • Lack of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the website and/or its contents.
    • Content of other Internet websites to which may lead any links placed on the website.
    • Existence of viruses, malicious or harmful programs in the contents.
    • Reception, obtaining, storing, diffusion or transmission of the contents of the website by customers.
    • Illicit, negligent, fraudulent or contrary to the terms use of these General Conditions or its contents by customers.


KARPE DEAL informs that the personal data that could be obtained as a result of the provision of services, in particular, the data of the final consumers who have access to Dropshipping Service, will be treated according to the rules of Protection of Personal Data.


The obligations included in General Conditions and of the services provided through the website will last indefinitely.


Information appearing on this website is current on the date of the last update. KARPE DEAL reserves the right to unilaterally amend these General Conditions, as well as the right to update, modify or delete information on this website.


These General Conditions and all matters arising from them or related to them will be governed by Spanish Law.

The parties, by their free choice, agree to resolve any dispute or disagreement arising from the purchase of products through the website giving up on any other jurisdiction they may be entitled to, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Madrid.

If you have any legal doubt you may contact us at contact@karpedeal.com

Terms and conditions


These General Terms and Conditions govern the terms under which KARPE DEAL, S.L., domiciled in Palacio de la Prensa, Plaza de Callao 4, 6º, 28013 Madrid, and holder of Tax I.D. No. B – 86305513 (hereinafter, “KARPE DEAL”) will purchase certain products from the PROVIDER.

The General Terms and Conditions herein are to be considered as a framework. The specific terms of each order (a complete description of the various products, amounts ordered, etc.) shall be indicated in each successive Purchase Order and/or annex, which shall be incorporated to this Agreement as an integral part hereof.


Any PROVIDER wishing to sell its products to KARPE DEAL must register previously on this website www.karpedeal.com, held by KARPE DEAL (hereinafter, the Website). Upon registration, the PROVIDER shall be responsible for keeping the confidentiality of the data and information provided and the password of its Provider Account, and for restricting access to its computer and to its password in order to prevent unauthorized use of its Account. The PROVIDER hereby assumes all liability in connection with any activities carried on from its Provider Account and through the use of its password. In this respect, the PROVIDER undertakes to adopt any measures as may be necessary to ensure the secrecy of its password.

In the event the PROVIDER has any reason to believe that its password has been made available to a third party or has been or may be used without its authorization, it shall inform KARPE DEAL immediately by email to contact@karpedeal.com and modify its password from its Provider Account.


KARPE DEAL undertakes to pay the PROVIDER the product price stipulated on the relevant Purchase Order, subject to the terms therein.

Except as otherwise agreed upon in the relevant Purchase Order, the purchase price shall include delivery costs and shall be exempt from the payment of V.A.T. or any other tax which may replace it.


The products shall be delivered at the address named by KARPE DEAL on the relevant Purchase Order, in accordance with agreed upon conditions and delivery times.

The PROVIDER undertakes to comply with place and delivery times agreed upon and, in any event, shall be responsible for any delays in the delivery of the products.

Furthermore, the PROVIDER shall adopt all measures at its disposal to ensure that the products are delivered in perfect condition, and shall be responsible for any anomalies or defects which may be caused by transport until delivery to KARPE DEAL in the location agreed upon.


The PROVIDER undertakes to deliver the products to KARPE DEAL as contractually agreed, and shall be liable to KARPE DEAL for any lack of conformity at the time of delivery of the products.

Likewise, the PROVIDER shall comply with all and any obligations which may arise from Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 25 October 2011, on consumer rights, and, in this respect, shall be liable for any manufacturing defects or hidden defects which the products may have for a period of TWO (2) years as of the sale of said products to the end consumer.

In particular, KARPE DEAL may, within said guarantee period and free of cost, return any products bearing manufacturing defects and, in such event, the PROVIDER undertakes to repair or replace the defective products or return the amount paid by KARPE DEAL, at the consumer’s option, in either case free of cost for KARPE DEAL.

Upon KARPE DEAL returning the defective product, the PROVIDER shall proceed to repair or replace the product or return the price paid to KARPE DEAL within 7 calendar days as of receipt of the product by the PROVIDER.


KARPE DEAL may cancel any order within 24 hours of confirmation of the sale by the PROVIDER, without cause. If KARPE DEAL has advanced any amount to the PROVIDER within this 24-hour period, KARPE DEAL may choose between demanding return thereof within 48 hours as of the communication of cancellation and offsetting the amount paid with other future orders, without any penalty whatsoever for KARPE DEAL.

The PROVIDER shall bear any liabilities resulting from insufficiency of products in stock, delays in the delivery or the loss of products until effective delivery thereof, as well as any liabilities resulting from the lack of conformity of the products at the time of delivery to KARPE DEAL.

In this regard, if once the order has been placed by KARPE DEAL, (i) the PROVIDER does not have sufficient stock of the product to face the order, (ii) the product is not delivered to KARPE DEAL within the time limit agreed upon, or (iii) the PRODUCTS received by KARPE DEAL fail to conform to the relevant Purchase Order, resulting in a variation in the type of product or in the number of units received, KARPE DEAL shall be entitled to choose between any of the following alternatives:

  • Terminate the agreement and return the products already delivered, in which case the PROVIDER shall return any amounts paid by KARPE DEAL in full within 48 calendar days to be counted as of receipt of the products by the PROVIDER, if applicable, or as of the date when KARPE DEAL communicated its wish to terminate the agreement owing to lack of stock.
  • Demand the repair or replacement of the products received or a new delivery by the PROVIDER aimed at correcting the lack of conformity or the lack of units, within 7 calendar days as of the date when KARPE DEAL communicated its wish the choose this alternative.
  • Demand the repair or replacement of the products received or a new delivery by the PROVIDER aimed at correcting the lack of conformity or the lack of units, within 7 calendar days as of the date when KARPE DEAL communicated its wish the choose this alternative.

KARPE DEAL may choose to set off the amount of the reduction against future orders or demand the return thereof by the PROVIDER within 48 hours as of communicating this choice to the PROVIDER.

Additionally, KARPE DEAL reserves the right to claim compensation for any damages caused to KARPE DEAL as a result of said situations, as well as for any damages of any description which may result from an act of fraud or negligence by the PROVIDER.

7.- TERM

The obligations set forth in the present General Terms and Conditions shall be valid for an indefinite term, which shall depend on the Purchase Orders agreed upon.


This agreement between KARPE DEAL and the PROVIDER may be terminated at any time by mutual consent of the parties.

Furthermore, either party may terminate this agreement if the other party fails to comply with any of its obligations and does not correct said non-compliance within ten (10) working days as of receipt of a communication by the other party to such effect.

Termination of this agreement as a consequence of said non-compliance shall entitle the other party to claim damages from the infringing party.


Both KARPE DEAL and the PROVIDER agree to comply with European regulations applicable to data protection, in particular, Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 24 October 1995, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, in connection with any personal data which they may have access to as a consequence of this agreement.

Furthermore, information classified as confidential which may be communicated between the parties in connection with this agreement may only be used for the purposes stated herein. Neither party shall be entitled to disclose to third parties, either directly or through another third party, any information received from the other party in connection with this agreement, without the previous written consent of affected party.

The above restrictions shall not apply to any information:

  • i. which is or may become generally accessible to the public through means other than the non-compliance of an obligation resulting from the present clause;
  • ii. which has been obtained from a third party not bound by a confidentiality obligation;
  • iii. which was previously known by the receiving party; or
  • iv. which the receiving party has been compelled to disclose by application of the law or in response to a judicial or administrative order.

Upon termination of this agreement, the parties shall return any confidential information received or certify the destruction thereof. The present confidentiality obligation shall be for an indefinite time.


These General Terms and Conditions and all matters resulting thereof or related thereto shall be governed by European law and, in the event of conflict, by Spanish law.

In the event of controversies or discrepancies arising in connection with the interpretation or performance of this Agreement or with the resolution of any conflicts, the parties freely agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid (Spain), to the exclusion of any other jurisdiction.